Our Story

Nero Cento was founded by Tom Baldinger for a simple reason: He was looking for the right T-Shirt with premium quality and good fit.

No matter if in local stores or online, either the T-Shirt was affordable and did not last long, or it was simply to expensive to use it every day.

At some point in spring 2022 the idea was born, to combine the quality of premium Fabrics with a cool Fit to finally have some T-Shirts which can be used for a longer time and still feel comfortable after several times of washing and wearing.

After some intense research he found a Fabric called "Tencel" or Lyocell, which can be mixed with organic Cotton. The result is best of both worlds - on the one side its 10 times more sustainable then traditional cotton, on the other side the feel of the T-Shirt is superior to normal Cotton T's.

After some prototyping with textile producers in Portugal, the first batch of T-Shirts was ordered and since then, Nero Cento is on it's Mission to bring you the softest and most premium T-Shirt on your Skin, ever - that's our promise!

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